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Houston Jared, the founder of Broken Chains Ministries, would like to share with you his testimony of hope, redemption, and complete deliverance, through the power of JESUS CHRIST. 

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"It's a God thing"

Broken Chains Ministries

Lana Jared - Co-Founder

Doctor of pharmacy, and organizer of broken chains. 


for the hopeless

Jason Arnold

Christian counselor and completely delivered of over 20 years of addiction.

Our Mission

Houston Jared - Founder

Founder of Broken Chains Ministry, youth pastor, Director of Hope for life ministry and also completely delivered from 30 years of addiction!!!

Meet OUr Team

Addiction of all kinds is destroying families homes communities and wreaking lives from all corners of the earth. We ask for a joint partnership with anyone who is struggling has struggled or knows someone who is struggling in active addiction. Together we can make a stand against this terrible epidemic and share in the victory of overcoming.

Tim McLauchlin - Pastor
Executive director of Teen Challenge of the Upper Cumberland, Christian counselor, and completely delivered from many years of addiction.

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For the lost

To reach as many as we can to show and prove that there is still hope that even they can be cured completely of the chains of addiction!